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Good News, Bad News, Good News

When it comes to teaching little ones, they pick up more when we model good behavior. That said, there are many situations where we need to provide gentle but firm feedback that our expectations were not met. Perhaps that a child suffered more than necessary because he did not follow the agreed upon procedure. Sometimes that suffering can be enough to help them “feel guilty” or be motivated … [Read More...]


How Early Is Too Early To Be Practical?

If your Pre-K or Kindergarten child is your only child, perhaps you are still enjoying being the center of your child's life, but that will end sooner than you think. Either you'll have another child, and the first will become much more independent, or school and other interests will intervene. Either way, it's a fact of life, and something that will eventually help you enjoy your marriage, career … [Read More...]


Getting Your Child Outside

Now that it's Spring, there is much yard work to do. If you are like me, you have enough for all the family members. Luckily, there are a lot of opportunities for fun outside as well. From bird-watching, to planting flowers, to sweeping sand, everything can be made fun. With the beautiful colors, animals jumping around, and lots of people on the move, there are countless things to involve … [Read More...]